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We are unable to respond to the following inquiries:

  • We are not lawyers. We cannot tell you what a particular conviction means or otherwise interpret state or federal laws. You can visit our laws and definitions page here for further help transcribing an offender's charges.
  • We don't know how far away from schools or day care centers offenders must live or work. This decision is made by each county and state the offender resides and registers in.
  • We cannot help locate a specific offender. This includes missing offenders from the state's registry. For help locating a missing offender, please contact the state in which the offender should be residing in.
  • We cannot add, remove or alter any information about an offender on our site. Our information all comes from official public records. If there is an error the agency responsible for maintaining the information must change it.
  • We do not have any information about offenders that is not online. We have no access to court documents that are associated with a particular case.
  • The information that we use to determine where your address is on the map is 97.5% accurate. Not all addresses are in this data. There are many factors beyond our control surrounding address information. One of our primary goals is to upgrade our address service data in the near future.

If you are having trouble with the site, please include the following information:

  • Description of error or problem.
  • Your operating system and browser version.
  • The address you attempted to search.
  • The offender's complete name and address
We get several hundred emails a day and the staff that responds to your questions are unpaid volunteers. Please take a little extra time to explain your issue. ""Your site is broken. Fix it."" is not helpful to us. Please try to provide as much information as possible so we can get the issue fixed and respond right away. Also, if you do not give us an email address we will not be able to respond.

Many of the general questions have been answered in our FAQ. Please check these out before contacting us.
Click here to review our FAQ.

If you have questions about your state laws or a particular offender. Please contact your state registry. Your state's registry contact information can be found here.

Please contact us with any question or concerns at (888) 510-2879 or complte the following form:

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